Road Warrior Two Car Set

AutoArt has made a 1/43 scale set of the Interceptor and the Holden from The Road Warrior. This set may also be known as 'MAD MAX 2 : THE ROAD WARRIOR - INTERCEPTOR/ENEMY CAR *TWIN MODELS SET*'. I found this description on eBay:

Diecast Car set. Rubber tires. Has steerable wheels. Comes with accessories shown. Made of diecast with some plastic parts. Very Detailed interior, exterior, engine compartment. About the MAD MAX ROAD WARRIOR INTERCEPTOR The Last of the V8 Interceptors...a piece of history With the eventual disbandment of the Main Force Patro (MFP), the Interceptor (aka The Pursuit Special) would leave its halcyon days of law enforcement behind and head out into the wasteland. The Black on Black (so called due to its distinctive gloss black over satin black paint scheme including body highlights and pin striping) was very much built for survival in the now post apocalyptic world. Although well battered and beaten up, the Interceptor was still equipped with its powerful supercharged V8 that could outrun even the most determined of road vermin. Over the passage of time both the rear window and boot lid would be removed to accommodate amongst other things, two large tanks that with luck, would be filled with the most precious of commodities...guzzolene! An under car bomb cum booby trap featuring a unique time delay system, would ensure a deadly surprise for any scavenger intent on stealing its fuel. The remaining Interceptor exterior had undergone some other, more subtle changes in its necessary transformation since leaving the MFP garage forever. It still featured the larger zoomie style side exhaust pipes and the custom designed "Concorde" fibreglass front end, but with the bottom air dam section removed to ensure better ground clearance over the rough outback terrain. The wheels (now sporting "Turbine" style mags on the rear with the original "sunraysia" style rims still on the front) rounding out the updated package.

The interior of the Interceptor had essentially been "gutted" to provide more necessary storage and was well equipped with a heavy duty roll cage, assorted weaponry and other essential supplies. Attached to the inside of the passenger door was now a small seat where Max's only companion "Dog" could ride shotgun whilst out on the battle ravaged roads. There was also enough Dinki Di dog food on board to keep both the occupants fed. Many a furious road war would be waged by Max and his Interceptor. Ironically the Interceptor would one day be destroyed, courtesy of the bomb that protected its valuable fuel, but like Mad Max, its Legend would never be forgotten. Rarely has a car created for the silver screen had such a great and lasting impact with movie audiences. The influence of the Interceptor on Mad Max fans and car enthusiasts worldwide, has seen it deservedly achieve "cult status" in its own right.