Mark's Die Cast Custom Road Warrior Interceptor

Here is what Mark had to say about building it:

Started out as a 1971 boss 351 mustang. I then added a styrene sheet and sides over the front bumper for the custom nose piece. I pulled the dash and cut the center section over the sterring wheel out and cut the center section over the glove compartment. I then switched them making it a right hand drive car. The side window portion was cut out using a dremel tool and shaped like the ausie falcons. Biante makes a nice aussie falcon xygt to use for this but it is very expensive and I was working on a budget. The trunk section was cut out and a piece of styrene was added where the back seat used to be. Another piece of styrene was cut and added over the trunk floor. The I used a piece of 3/4 inch pvc pipe and pipe caps and filled them with body putty plastic filler to replacate the gas tanks. I made a mold for these tanks now and can sell them seperately made of resin. The gas cans came from a military jeep diecast model. I also made a mold of these and sell these. The jump seat on the pass side door was made from a plastic 1/25th scale truck bench seat. I cut that section out and added styrene sides to it. I made a mold of this also and can replicate these too. The side pipes came from a 1/18th scale model of the muster coach. This same coach was used to make the humongous model.