Dark Horse's Custom Humungus F100

Another incredible 1/18 scale custom by Dark Horse. This is his redition of Lord Humungus' F100 from The Road Warrior. The base car is a GIJoe toy, used alongside many other bits and pieces. Dark Horse says this vehicle was about ten times harder to make and took ten times longer than all the other customs he's done put together. Overall it took a month of solid work! Different parts used are a sheepskin seat, mesh running boards, P.A. system (with mic) and the headlight. I've posted all the work he's done, from start to finish. Truly great job, Dark Horse! Be sure to check out his site at http://www.irrepressible.pwp.blueyonder.co.uk/

Base vehicle

Base vehicle stripped

Starting the conversion

More customizations

Adding the engine

Putting the body together

Adding the gas tanks

Just before the paint job

Unpainted front view

Unpainted rear view

Fully painted engine close up

Front view, with Lord Humungus in all his glory


Left rear

Left top

Left side

Left front view