Aussie Muscle's Pink Desoto

Aussie Muscle has made yet another model from The Road Warrior; the 1959 Pink Desoto. He got a model of a 59 Desoto promo (no interior details or proper chassis, friction motor) off ebay. He didn't want to kit bash a 47 year old model, but he managed to snare a damaged one (for a quarter the price of a good one). He replaced the damaged front with a replacement part from modelhaus, as well as new windows and rear bumper. He also replaced the chassis and interior with a 58 Belvedere kit from AMT which is very similar. He painted the body in Tamiya spray pink and replaced the wheels with spares from the junk pile. He noticed that the movie car has the rear axle under the leaf springs instead of on top, so he did that too. Finally, he added some Camaro sidepipes and some foil for chrome trim. What a great job and attention to detail for a vehicle that only has a few moments of screen time!