Cop Car Image and Information Page


The Cop Car is a four-door vehicle seen for a few moments in the final chase scene. It falls victim to a well-thrown molotov cocktail from the Tanker's defenders, after which it swerves and crashes off the road.


From FordGUY74:

According to Peter Barton's Mad Max FAQ the vehicle is a ZG Fairlane, unfortunaly though after watching the scenes of this vehicle I have not been able to confirm it being a ZG or ZF. The ZF was the model before the ZG and the two cars are pretty much identical. The ZG is basicaly a ZF with differant interior and a few minor cosmetic changes to slightly alter the outside appearance. The most noteable being the grill, front indicators, and the rear tail lights which received a silver mesh type covering.

FordGUY74 also had this to say about the Cop Car:

The grill is from a 1947-48 Buick, I'm not sure whether there is any differance between the 47 and 48, or between the differant model buicks but the grill is the same, or very very similar to the Buick pictured below.

1948 Buick grill

The bumper is also a Buick but from a differant year to the grill. The bumper has been sourced from the front of a 1959 Buick, although im not sure whether there is any differances between the differant models of 1959.

1959 Buick bumper

Another look

Another modification is the guards, which appear to be from 1972-76 LTD. The only aparent reason for changing them seems to be to eliminate the front indicators. I think the bonnet (hood in USA) is a stock Fairlane item which looks a tiny bit more like a ZG than ZF item, although its really hard to say so it may even be or a LTD form the same year as the guards. Modifications:

Aside from the black and white police car paint jop, the wheel arches have been cut out to allow larger tires, two red rotating hazard lights are mounted on the rear parcel shelf and a single blue one on the roof. The roof is also home to two air horns with a single large air horn or horn speaker mounted between the two.

Right side of the Cop Car

A top view of the Cop Car

On fire