Contact Fans

If you would like to be included here, just send me an e-mail with whatever information you would like me to post.

Dave Giovanni, aka HUMVEE Driver
E-mail: dgiomeusoc @
Interests: Anything Mad Max, specifically models and toys

Michael Foley, Mad Mike
E-mail: sln583 @

E-mail: 5.7interceptor @
Be sure to check out his site featuring his real Interceptor at

Jake Cummings
E-mail: jacobscummins @
Car nut, interested in model cars and working on real cars.

Bart Mangrum
E-mail: BaadAss73Gremlin @
From: Ft. Pierce Florida, USA.
Interested in any items related to Mad Max.

E-mail: z28_barry @

Kyle Kriebel
E-mail: roadwarrior137 @

John Oberhauser
E-mail: jspy @

Paul Parker
E-mail: parker17 @
From Melbourne Australia

Mark P
E-mail: Pchvyt @
From West Virginia, USA

Thomas Yonts, aka Doomsday74
E-mail: doomsday1974 @

Robert Uzzell
2969 Oak Trail Shores
Chandler, Texas
E-mail: robertuzzell @

Russel, aka Sharky
E-mail: shark68 @

Pitch Black
E-mail: PitchBlack081164 @

Chuck Homolka
E-mail: elaine_chuck @
From: Ohio, USA.
Interested in any items related to Mad Max.

E-mail: elkfilmz @
From: Philadelphia PA area.

Andy Useman
E-mail: grummanf6f @
From: Hammond, Louisiana

Laurent, P@thé
From Toulouse (France)
Interests: Beer, Girls and Engines
I'd like to make a MAD MAX video game

Florent, fl0914
From Toulouse, France

FALCON, Jesse Galbreath
Courtland VA.

Tom Kurianski