HUMVEE Driver's Claymore

I had asked a friend if she would like me to make her any certain type of weapon. She said she would like a "really big sword". So, this is what she got. The Post Apoctalyptic Claymore is about 5 and 1/2 feet long and pretty heavy. I started with a long, wide rectangular piece of steel, which I cut and shaped into basically what you see here. I left room for the 'teeth' to be welded in. The teeth are made from a hedge clipper blade cut down the middle and welded to the sword. The handle is made with steel pipe, and the smaller crossbar is just more flat steel. I was at a loss for what to use for the larger crossbar when it hit me; what better makeshift weapons than Craftsman wrenches? I got two of the same size and welded them on. Lastly, for the part to top it all off, I got a Mack Truck Bulldog hood ornament. I welded together some steel for a base and bolted the bulldog on. Using a grinding wheel and a Dremel tool I polished it to the shine you see. For the scabbard I knew that because of the sword's weight I couldn't just have it hanging over someone's back. So, I took half of a set of shoulder pads and attached the scabbard to that, along with plenty of padding. I also added a belt at waist level to keep it all in place. Lastly, I choose NOT to sharpen this sword, as it is so heavy that even an accidental bump might really hurt someone. The first two pictures show the sword in its scabbard, the third one without it, and the last one is a close up of the pommel.