Christian's custom Camaro

Custom Post Apocalyptic Camaro built by Christian. Here is what he had to say about it:

This is a 1:24 scale model of a Pro-street 2nd generation Camaro. I forget the make of the model but, I remebering buying it in 1997. I built it to its original look, and it sat about a year in my room untill one day me and my friends got ahold of it. My skills are kind of crazy in this case. Me and my friends took the car one day and put a whole bunch of fireworks (lady fingers) in it and filmed it blowing up with my camcorder. We watched it in slow motion (still have it on film) and it looked like a real scene from the Road Warrior. The tires and supercarger were flying in the air, blowing the hood off. It looks so cool in slow motion. The results were awesome! The fireworks had left gray carbon marks that aged the rear and core of the car. The fireworks also blew off the t-tops (I think) or they broke off later. Another aging technique I have (not sure if it really works) is leaving it in a aquarium letting the water penetrate and algee eat away at the paint. The only other part from anyother car on this is the right passenger side rim. Its a wire wheel from a Buick Grand National.