HUMVEE Driver's Ford Truck

This is just a random Mad Max type vehicle. I have plans to include it in a story sometime, but nothing solid right now. I figured that in a post apocalyptic world with limited technology, one of the more usable weapons will be fire. A flamethrower is not terribly difficult to put together, and they can be made of many different sizes. I see this vehicle guarding the rear of a convoy. The flamethrower shown here would have great range, and enemies would be hard pressed to get by. I researched the flamethrower set up and itís very accurate to a real one. The air compressor pressurizes the butane tanks and the gasoline in the large tank; which would be jelled. This can be easily done by dropping pieces of styrofoam in the gas tank where it dissolves. The pressurized fuel is mixed at a ball valve just before it shoots down a simple pipe. It is then released and aimed by simply moving the pipe sideways or up and down. The car battery mounted at the base of the swivel has jumper cables attached to it; which lead to the end of the pipe where they touch. The cables are activated by the switch on the side of the swivel. The positive and negative ends meet at the end of the pipe and they get extremely hot. So when the fuel is forced down the pipe the cable ends ignite it. I think the makers of such a large set up would realize they needed more room, and use a trailer to solve the problem. The gunner's seat also swivels with the flamethrower. The seat is set in a metal casing so the gunner's back and sides have some protection. A car axel is used for the swivel mount as it is strong enough the carry all that weight.

Ford Truck

Base kit: Boonie Boss

Other kits: a jetski trailer

Extra parts: plastic pipe, car seat, diamond plate plastic, a shop air compressor, welding tanks, rubber hose, car battery, steel chain, and a semi truck fuel tank

Modifications: The Boonie Boss is made pretty much stock, but it had been dented and scratched up. The jetski trailer is also stock, but with flooring added. I already mentioned the parts for the flamethrower set up.

Paint: Gloss blue. I dirtied up the model with Doc O'Brien's Weathering Powders; yellow and brown colors.