Wreck Warrior's custom '67 Camaro

A very cool custom post apocalyptic Car by Wreck Warrior. Its his first one, and I think he's off to a great start. Here is what he had to say about it:

This is my first attempt at a Post Apocalyptic car using ideas I found on the Mad Max Models site, and a few of my own. The paint and primer scheme is copied from the Clover on GTA:SA, the car has a four point rollcage, a fire extinguisher, nitous bottle, spare tire, an army blanket, a large back-up fuel tank on the passenger side ("borrowed" from Humvee Driver's car), and a second fuel gauge for the tank. Underneath is a racing style exhaust and an enlarged stock gas tank. The car is painted fire engine red that was scratched up using sandpaper and with different body parts painted primer grey. The dirt is dry-brushed tan paint and the front end was damaged by bending the front bumper, setting the right side of the grille in further than the left, and scratching at the grille and light, (you can't really see it but there is 'blood' on the damaged part of the front end) The damage on the hood is supposed to look like someone took a crowbar or something to it; to get to the hood latch. Under the hood is a 427 big block salvaged from a Baldwin Motion Camaro (the same model as my current red Monaro project)

Recently Wreck Warrior updated his Camaro:

I wasn't happy with the way it turned out the first time, it looked like something you'd probably find in a junkyard or behind somebody's house (aside from the gas tank in the passenger seat & the rollbar) so I re-did it. I only made a few changes, but I think the car has a much meaner look to it now.

The new pics are at the bottom of the page.