Barry Harker's custom Desert Rat

Barry Harker is working on another custom vehicle; his Desert Rat. Here is his work so far:

This one is called the DESERT RAT, it's based on a hot Rod/Rat Rod. I had the Chassis left over from the '41 Willys Coupe/truck and decided I wanted to build a hot rod out of it. All I had was a chassis and an engine, so everything else would be scratch built. I stretched the chassis and built a "tub" to house the driver and one of the fuel tanks. The other is underneath between the chassis rails. I started to build a pickup bed on the back, but didn't like the look of it so I built a full frame going from the rear axle and over the tub so as to protect the Driver. All the "Plastruct" styrofoam I have comes in handy! The steel wheels I had looked too small for the model, so I bought two toy tractors and used the wheels of those and glued some drawing pins into the centr for the hubs. They make good 1/24 scale hub caps. The radiator was housed in a new scratch built nose along with the exhaust manifolds and air scoop. Now I have to add some more detail and wiring, ammo boxes, luggage and a driver. Then decide on the colour, and soon the Desert Rat will be Joining the rest of the gang on the highways.