Barry Harker's custom '67 Mustang

Barry Harker has finished his '67 Mustang, and it is awesome! Included are photos of the build, as well as some pics that have been enhanced by Barry. Here's how he did it:

The Mustang is a Metal Miasto 1/24 Kit. The first thing I did was sand blast the model back to the metal so as to show the detail of the car as much as possible. Once I had the bare shell, I drew some rough sketch's to get some idea of what I wanted the Mustang to look like. I then constructed a chassis for the car to sit on along with the axles, and then the body armour. First the windows made from sheet styrene and then the bullbars/body armour surrounding the car were made from plastic tree sprue, heated up over a candle and bent into shape to wrap around the model. The dual cannons and gattling gun mounted on the roof are scratch Built from styrene strips and tube. I decided to paint the 'Stang green to kind of echo Frank Bullitt's Mustang, but a bit more sinister looking! Once I had the base coat on it was time to give the model a good blast of dirt and grime with the aid of Games Workshop paints and lots of dry brushing! The action shots were achieved using Adobe Photoshop. Just some minor blurring and lighting effects to try and give a sense of motion to the model of the Mustang posing with the '39 Chevy. Mmmm the smell of burning rubber and the noise of grinding metal!