Barry Harker's custom '49 Merc

Here is another custom vehicle sent in by Barry Harker; a 1949 Merc. Here is what he had to say about it:

The Model is a 1/25 AMT 49 MERCUARY, I started it over ten years ago but never finished it. I remembered I had this model and already chopped the roof down, so itís about time I finished it! The first idea was to raise it up on large wheels and cover it in armor, but after spending a lot of time looking at it, it didnít look right to me. So I changed the wheels for hubs & whitewall tires and went with the Lead Sled/Rat Rod approach. I lost the Bonnet years ago, So I needed to cover or protect the engine in some way. I thought a cage might look good and expose the engine but protect it. After scratch building the engine, cage, bumpers, and rear luggage I sprayed the model with matt black automotive spray paint, and then a light over spray of grey primer. And now for the best bit! Hours of painting and weathering......great fun!