Aussie Muscle's Goose Ute

Aussie Muscle has made a replica of the Ute driven by Goose. Here is what he had to say about it:

This is the ute that the Goose borrows after crashing his bike, and gets killed in by the Toecutter's gang. This old ute (probably an EJ model) has a lot of character and is quite distinctive.

I'm quite happy with this build. It's built entirely from my parts box, yes, even the body came out of it. I intended this to be a quick and dirty build but it ended up being a highly detailed replica. The body has been hanging around my model bench for years. It's a PETG (vac-formed) slot car EH Holden wagon. I cut the back off it and stuck the rear window to the back of the cab. That's not correct; it should have been a wrap around style but this works well enough. The chassis is an old weathered MPC hemi piece and the engine is an unknown six, probably by Revell out of an old 30s hot rod. The bed is made from flat styrene and the wheels are resin copies of a GY polyglas with steelie wheels. This was a blast to make.