Amoktime Max Figure

Amoktime (at offers a 1/6th scale cold cast porcelain kit featuring Max as he appeared in The Road warrior along with Dog, the Feral Kid, and a road base. They are selling thier kit for $149.99.

I found this kit featured in a model magazine, called Modeler's Resource; the December/January Issue #37. Here is what Modeler's Resource had to say about it:

"Here is another winner in the figure kit world. Mel Gibson as Mad Max as the beaten and battered hero from the epic 1981 feature film, "The Road Warrior." With him and his two allies, his faithful dingo and the strange little Feral Kit with the razor sharp boomerang.

This is a nicely thought out kit. The sculptor could have offered us the pretty image of Max but instead he braved the storm and gave us the battered look. I like his style already.

This kit comes in nine cold cast resin parts and one metal wrench. Go figure!

You just can't beat a three figure kit with a base to boot. There are a lot of fun things to render on this one.

In my opinion, this is the best redition of the character to date. Lord Humungous commands you to get this kit now!"

Amoktime even offers to answer questions about this kit; e-mail Bill Craft at

Picture of the completed kit

The add from the magazine