ADR Road Warrior Interceptor

I don't know very much about this model beyond what you see here. It is made by a company called ADR Productions. The model itself is from the opening scenes in The Road Warrior; with the front bonnet still intact. However, this model has the Interceptor with the wide lower front spoiler attached; but it was never like this in the movie. Apparently this kit has a limited edition run of 1,000 units, like the Cavalier Interceptor of Mad Max 1. The body, frame, and the gas tanks look like they are made of one piece. The other parts are separate pieces, and the tires are rubber.

I recently learned from Andy Douglas over at Scale Automobilia that Cavalier was started by Darryl Montgomery, who then sold the automotive molds and name to Neil Stirton who still makes the 9 Cavalier resin curbside kits under the Havacorn Brand, though some kits still use the Cavalier boxes. Darryl then did some new masters for a company called ADR. ADR then released the MM2 car with the big tanks. Note that there is no "rip off"; each company, etc is aware of the other and there is no problem between them.